New-HALE Kinesiology Tape (Japan)

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Made in Japan.

Tape that supports the muscles and joints of the knees, back, calves, shoulders, wrists.

With LYCRA's excellent stretching recovery and about 60% of the stretching rate exceeding elbow and knee's skin stretching rate to 50%. New-HALE tape has various applicability as kinesiology tape, and supports the joints and muscles. Use it wherever and whenever without an unpleasant stretched feeling. 

3 designs: AKT colors, Butterfly, Camouflage

5cm thick X 5m long

Climbing Tape: Fingers, Wrists, Elbows, Shoulders, Back, Hamstrings, Stretchable tape for climbing. This package contains an easy to understand guide for 12 common support tape in climbing. The tape can be used on various muscles and joints.