Lapis Climbing Brush

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Presenting to you the world’s best climbing brush!

The Lapis Brush is made with with finest quality of horse hair, this means that it is softer than the nylon brushes that are available and therefore not as harsh on the rock. The density of the bristles means that although it is soft,chalk is removed with ease.
UKClimbing Gear Review
“You may think a brush is a brush when it comes to getting chalk off holds. Well, you would be wrong. While you can get by a cheap 50p toothbrush, nothing comes close to the Lapis for getting that last grain off....

This might seem a lot [more expensive] than the basic toothbrush...and it is a lot, but then, Ferraris and Rolls Royces are expensive cars, and you get what you pay for. What’s more, they come in a lovely range of colors, including violet, blue and orange.”