How to use Crimp Oil

How to use Crimp Oil
1. Before Climbing
You can use Crimp Oil before climbing, it could either be a training session or an outdoor session... For my part, I always use it before my warming-up (during the driving to the climbing place or even in the métro when I go indoors), I put 5/6 drops on each sensitive finger and I'm rubbing them down for about 10 minutes. Then I wash my hands before starting climbing of course.
2. After Climbing
Crimp Oil is a very good oil for relaxing muscles and tendons after exercising. Whether if you're a boulderer who's forced too much on your tendons and need pain relief, calming and anti-inflammatory actions provided by the synergy of the 6 essential oils inside Crimp Oil. Or whether if you're a routes climber who's produced a lot of lactic acid and need to eliminate it, which is made possible by the actions of Wintergreen and Helichrysum Italicum inside Crimp Oil. I reckon you should rub all of the fingers for the boulderers category and especially the sensitive ones as well as those who were/are injured. You can easily cover the entire surface of your fingers with 20 drops of Crimp Oil. I reckon you should rub your fingers during a relaxing time when you are watching your favorite series or after stretchings for example to create a true routine after climbing. This is how habits are created for taking care of your fingers and of your body more globally ... For the routes climbers category, you can also rub your forearm to help eliminating lactic acid. For this, I recommend 20 drops per arm based on your morphology of course!
3. In case of pain/injury
In case of pain and/or if you are injured, you can use Crimp Oil 3 to 4 times a day. Feel free to rub it well to make the active ingredients of Crimp Oil penetrate deeply. Apply 5/6 drops per finger. Do not neglect resting! Think of the long term and of the well-being of your fingers even if it is very hard to put this into practice ...
4. Other uses
Crimp Oil is a universal serum against pain and trauma, you can use it as well on your knees, shoulders, ankles or other painful areas of your body. It can be very effective in case of sprains for example for boosting micro-circulation in addition to cryotherapy. Crimp Oil is also very effective in cases of migraine (according to Dr. Boudoux, aromatherapy specialist and author of many books). Rub your temples and your forehead with 2/3 drops of Crimp Oil (being careful not to touch your eyes) for providing a powerful calming effect. In case of contact with eyes, rinse Crimp Oil not with water but with oil because essential oils dissolve in fats ...