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Pick Your Blend

Our blends are chemically the same (and excellent). Picking one just depends on your personal texture preference.

What’s the deal with the different blends/types/flavors/animals?

FrictionLabs chalk comes in three textures, each with a unique hand-feel:

  • Unicorn Dust: Fine texture
  • Gorilla Grip: Chunky texture
  • Bam Bam: Super chunky texture



1. Is one blend recommended for certain types of climbing/difficulties/styles/conditions/experience levels?

All three blends have the same performance and health benefits. It’s just a matter of personal preference - like peanut butter!

2. Most people start with Gorilla Grip and then change if they prefer finer (Unicorn Dust) or chunkier (Bam Bam).

3. Why does it cost more?

Our chalk goes through a proprietary process to remove unhealthy fillers common in other brands of chalk.

Most climbers report re-chalking about half as often when using FrictionLabs since it lasts so much longer.

4. Is FrictionLabs a specialty product meant only for elite climbers?

Is organic food only for Olympians? This is the best, safest, and healthiest chalk on the market, making it the responsible choice for every climber’s health and performance. FrictionLabs chalk is the sensible standard, and thankfully more and more climbers of all experience levels are making the change every day.


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